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Immersive Things to do in Paris by Night


Are you looking for activities that Parisians do at night? But you don’t want to be exposed to the busy nightlife of touristic Paris such as Le Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, The Crazy Horse, nor the Champs Elysées Avenue. Follow us we have some great suggestions to enjoy Paris by night!

Immersive Parisian experience in a Theater


Cyrano @ theater in Paris 

Even at the time of French Royalty, Parisians loved to go to the theater. If you want a full immersion in French culture but the French language is a barrier for you, then this company Theater in Paris will be your favorite place to hang out in the evening. They picked up some successful plays and offer English subtitles to allow visitors to fully enjoy them. You will be among locals and will be able to truly experience a Parisian theater night!

French Films screening in English


Lost in Frenchlation events 

You would like to take advantage of being in Paris to get inside a French movie theatre but you don’t know where to watch a French movie with English subtitles. Hurray Lost in Frenchlation got your back! You will be able to enjoy every minute of the movies’ scenario in an original version, without those horrible unsynchronized voiceover translations. The French films they screen are released in movie theaters between 2 or 4 weeks before. Check out their next events and enjoy some drinks before the session!

Magical Paris at night


Midnight in Paris movie

You loved “Midnight in Paris” and all these movies that show Paris magically enlighten at night but don’t know where to begin? What about following a local guide for a stroll in the heart of Paris or a more luxury option by private van to enjoy the City of Lights! Paris by night it already a showtime itself! The City of Light does an incredible job with its inspiring French artistic soul during a late excursion of the French capital.

And if you would like to see all the activities we propose during Paris by night, have a look at our Illuminated Paris Tour by Van!

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