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The Best Ice Creams in Paris: Summer 2018


The good thing about summer in Paris is the ice cream places to chill and survive the heat. I know, you will be craving some yummy ice cream and sorbets this summer! Of course, you can go to Bertillon and have some of their traditional ice cream since 1954, passed through generation to generation. Or, if you are like me, thirsty of adventure and new taste, then take a look at some of my list of the trendy ice cream places in Paris!


My best ice creams in Paris for this summer 2018!


From the streets with their Ice-Truck to their brand-new boutique in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, theyalways keep their promises with their Rock’n’roll and unexpected ice cream flavors! My favorite is their Mojito de Tokyo made of rhum, mint, and lemon! Sounds familiar? Or how about their Highwayto Ale with Ale beer? 

Address: 54 Rue des Martyrs 75009, Paris France




Opened in June 2016, they already have 2 boutiques in Paris. How impressive is that? Well, if you didn’t think so, then maybe their 48 ice cream flavors and their 1,000 milkshakes flavors combination will! Yes, you read all those numbers right. And the best of all, they also have some vegan ice cream! No excuse this summer! When you get there, and the all their choices makes it hard to pick, then try the Kalamansi. It is one of their signature ice cream ? you won’t regret it.

Address: 12 Rue Pierre Lescot 75001, Paris France

                    31 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle 75002, Paris France



Their first boutique opened last summer 2017. Young and innovative, like its owners and creators, this place offers high quality ice cream with crème de la crème ingredients from France and around the world.

Honestly, I could not pick one because their creation illustrates perfectly the cultural diversity in Paris with their assorted desserts. That’s why they have the “assiette de degustation”, a plate with 6 different flavors! I let you decide for this one, which one is your favorite flavor? Then, come back to me ?

Address: 26 Rue Sufflot 75005, Paris France



Paris is known for its gastronomy and decorated chefs. Une Glace à Paris is an elegant place with piece of arts desserts! The way those sweets look, smell, and taste… it’s a delicacy that takes you through a long journey filled with exotic and unique flavors! Emmanuel Ryon who is rewarded as the Best worker of France Glacier and the World Pastry Champion, and his friend Olivier Ménard shared their unconditional love for ice cream in their boutique. I never thought that a scoop of ice cream could be so exquisite and modern!

Address: 15 Rue Saint Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004, Paris France

                    44 Rue Des Abbesses 75018, Paris France



If when you eat a Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream, you want the flavor exploding in your mouth like the taste of your childhood, then yes! This is the place for you! Forget about extravagant ice cream mixed flavors… The Bac à Glace comes back to original savory, and their list is long, not less than 60 different ice cream flavors! My favorites are on their Old-Fashioned Ice Cream list. Especially, their salted caramel ice cream! Or maybe Créole, with some rhum and dry grapes… Ok, I admit that perhaps, the choice is not that easy… But, can you blame me? ?

Address: 109 Rue du Bac 75007, Paris France



I am sure you have heard of the brand iceRoll with their rolled minute ice cream. They are great and delicious! Don’t get me wrong, I love their ice cream rolls! Like the Glace à la Plancha of Monsieur Benjamin art pastry shop. I think it is because of the word “plancha” which directly making me thing of summer! Anyway, if you like iceRoll then you will love Monsieur Benjamin ?

Address: 63 Rue Saint Martin 75004, Paris France




This family business is from a small village in the Alps of high Provence. They are passionate about provincial flavors that they twist with ice cream and sorbets. I admire their working process to make their artisanal ice cream from Provence, apparently for them it is also an ethical choice. Their ice cream is fresh and with the taste of South of France! In addition, it melts my heart when learned that in their business, they take into account their impact on the environment and the community surrounding them. Let’s support business like Scaramouche!

Address: 22 Rue la Vieuville 75018, Paris France


Here we go! You have my best ice creams in Paris for this Summer. I hope this little article helped you choose from all the glaciers in town! And if ice cream is not your thing, then don’t worry! Check out Meet The Locals food tours in Paris. Our welcomers or locals, will be happy to share with you their best places for foodie lovers in Paris!

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