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Traveling with your family can be exciting, but daunting. Trying to figure out how to keep everyone entertained in a city that you don’t know? Overwhelmed by innumerable offerings and don’t know where to begin? Organizing the trip while having fun yourself? Nearly impossible. That’s where we come in.

Meet the Locals for Families is a small team of superheroes who spend every single day crafting and creating fun activities for families just like yours visiting Paris and/or London. Our office is full of grown children who love to invent new games and tours, so that they can share their culture with you, but also have some fun!

Our team takes care of all the small details so that you don’t have to. We worry about the little things so that you can enjoy the little moments. If you are searching for a hassle-free, fun, and engaging family experience, look no further. There’s never a dull moment with us!

We have handpicked a team of Welcomers to be your guides. They are not only kid-friendly experts that could make Mary Poppins jealous, but they are superb storytellers who love to share the history and culture of their towns. And they know how to engage every member of the family, regardless of age! Hospitality and flexibility are their middle names, so every activity is set to your pace and needs.

You can find a wide selection of activities and hands-on workshops on our site, but if you’d prefer a personalized, multi-day experience, we’ll be glad to craft a program tailored to your specific needs.

Above all else, we want to help you create lifelong memories with the people you love. We can’t wait to become your Happy Family Travel Experts!

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