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Our Favorite Christmas Markets of 2019


The city of Paris welcomes visitors with thousands of lights and decorations in its most beautiful winter season. Paris Christmas markets give shoppers the traditional atmosphere that plunges them directly into the holiday season. Sometimes starting in mid-November, these attractive fairs have everything a shopper needs, from drinking to dining, but also crafts, beautiful gifts, […]

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Immersive Things to do in Paris by Night


Are you looking for activities that Parisians do at night? But you don’t want to be exposed to the busy nightlife of touristic Paris such as Le Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, The Crazy Horse, nor the Champs Elysées Avenue. Follow us we have some great suggestions to enjoy Paris by night! Immersive Parisian experience in […]

The best Christmas Activities in Paris in 2018


Paris is overflowing with festival preparations and activities for its visitors and Parisians as well. Plus, for this Holiday and Christmas season, the whole family and friends can enjoy the sights, the sounds, the smells and the taste of Paris during this special time of the year. From one delightful venue to another, the magic […]

The Best Ice Creams in Paris: Summer 2018


The good thing about summer in Paris is the ice cream places to chill and survive the heat. I know, you will be craving some yummy ice cream and sorbets this summer! Of course, you can go to Bertillon and have some of their traditional ice cream since 1954, passed through generation to generation. Or, […]

10 Bakeries Not To Miss in Paris


Whether you are in Paris for a business trip or with your family, one of the must-dos is to step inside a typical French bakery and have a taste at a delicious baguette or croissant. We guarantee you won’t regret discovering the crusty side of Paris! Ready to learn more about the best bakeries of […]

Getting to Paris from Airport: Best Hints and Tips


Getting to Paris from the airport is not an easy thing when you’re a first-timer. Indeed, various transport services link the heart of Paris to its two airports: Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly, but which one works best for you? No need to panic, just check out that comprehensive list if you want to make sure to have […]

The 10 best places in Paris for Vegan or Gluten Free!


Even just two years ago, a request for gluten free or vegan food would elicit either a look of pure confusion or a slightly rude comment from Parisians. In 2017 however, vegan has arrived in Paris with a stylish, innovative and of course, delicious landing.

Don’t miss the 10 best views in Paris!


There are so many views you can’t miss in Paris! With our nose in the guidebook or studying the information texts in the museum, you can forget to look up sometimes and though you love it, taking a moment to stop and take in the best views around you for just a few minutes or even for the afternoon, can really open up the senses.

Top 7 Outdoor Food Markets in Paris


Need a break from menu confusion, snarky waiters who seem to purposely forget about your request for water, or maybe you just can’t let your child eat yet another plate of French fries? So go be like a true Frenchie and dare to dive into the unique world of French outdoor food markets. Don’t forget to bring some bags!

Exploring Paris with children


While traveling in Paris with children can be bit of a rollercoaster ride: The thrill! The tantrums! The stress! The discovery! It is worth it in the end to see this city through new and excited eyes.

The 10 best chocolate shops in Paris to visit


Did you read that popular diet book written by a French woman who suggests to eat a bit of dark chocolate every afternoon ? Well if you wish to apply her advice, a trip to Paris, the capital of chocolate, it is!