Orsay/Orangerie & Giverny – Impressionism Family Tour

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Orsay/Orangerie & Giverny – Impressionism Family Tour


Orsay/Orangerie & Giverny – Impressionism Family Tour

Why you shouldn't miss it ?

Benefit from our skip-the-line tickets in museums and at the Monet Foundation

Let your kids feel like impressionism painters with their activity booklets!

Feel like walking in an Impressionist canvas while visiting Giverny’s gardens

Travel in a private van for a hassle-free discovery of Giverny

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What’s Included:

A family-friendly certified guide for 9 hours / A 5hr private car service / Skip-the-line tickets for Orsay & Orangerie Museums and Monet Foundation / An activity booklet for each child at each location, a painting kit and booklet


Orsay Museum, Orangerie Museum, Giverny

Note: Giverny is only open from April 1st, 2020 to November 1st, 2020.

Everybody likes Impressionism, don’t they? Kids are particularly attracted to it by its bright colors and scenes of daily life. This full day tour lets you take your whole family to the springs of this internationally renowned art, combining museum visits and the fresh air of the countryside.

At the Orsay and Orangerie museums, then at Monet’s gardens in Giverny, live an artistic exploration in a playful mode, with activity booklets committing all-tour-long to your children’s participation. What could be more fascinating than admiring great artists’ canvasses before walking in their shoes to the places that inspired them?

This day dedicated to colors begins with the Musée d’Orsay discovery. Here is the biggest Impressionist collection in France and one of the vastest in the world. Provided with their personal activity booklet and with the help of their guide, your small art lovers will dive into the 19th century painting and dig the ways of Impressionism- while having fun, of course.

Along the visit, riddles and mysteries to solve will introduce your kids to Art VIPs such as Renoir, Cézanne, and Van Gogh. They will especially learn a lot about Claude Monet. Considered as the “Father of Impressionism,” he will be the common thread of your day.

Orsay, Orangerie & Giverny, the perfect combo for a memorable Impressionism family day tour!

Indeed, the next stop is all about Monet. To get there, you just have to go across the Seine and through the Tuileries gardens. The Orangerie Museum houses lots of Water Lilies murals. It is a place to deeply feel Monet’s poetry, as you’ll be surrounded by canvasses full of skies, calm waters, and flowers, as if you are already standing in Monet’s gardens.

By the way, the plan is to take you there: Giverny. After a quick lunch before leaving Paris, you will head to Monet’s true masterpiece: his gardens in Normandy. Along the road, your children will be kept entertained by both activity booklets and by coloring notebooks, and they will arrive in Giverny as true Impressionism experts.

Once there, the afternoon will be dedicated to Giverny gardens exploration: there stands Monet’s colorful house. Everything is colored in Monet’s universe, from his art to his kitchen! At the foot of the manor, the flower garden is a kind of open-air painter’s pallet with its red nasturtiums, its pale pink roses, and its purple irises.

To spot the famous Japanese bridge, your children will have to solve the secret of its access. Here you are on the water lilies pond’s shores. This landscape is the direct inspiration of what you’ve previously seen in the Orangerie museum. Such an adventure to enjoy in the same day: the reality and the masterpiece to which it led. What a wonderful way to experience a life-size journey through art.

And if after this day focused on Impressionism you’re looking for more family activities to do in Paris, have a look at our Family tours page!

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Can I do this Impressionism day tour if my family includes more than 6 members?

No problem. Just mention the composition of your party in our contact form, and we’ll do the rest.

Where is it possible to have lunch on the way?

As this is a long day, we suggest having a quick lunch in Paris before leaving for Giverny. If you want to eat outside of Paris, we can recommend a few places to you. Just be aware, then it will then be a late lunch.

Is this Impressionism day tour open all year long?

We wish it were, but unfortunately some days are not available: Mondays because the Orsay Museum is closed, Tuesdays because the Orangerie is closed, and from November 1st to the end of March because Giverny is closed.

Do you have any other type of combos like this day tour?

Yes we do! We also have a Versailles & Giverny family tour– sounds exciting right? If you prefer to stay inside Paris and skip Giverny, have a look at our Orsay Crash Course, as it’s a good alternative to this Orsay/Orangerie & Giverny – Impressionism Family Tour.

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What if we have more than 6 people?? Or we want to customize our trip?? Oh no! Just kidding, no problem is too big for us! 
Leave us a message on our contact page, and a member of our superhero team will work some magic to make your dreams come true!

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At your convenience in Paris, from the end of March to November 1st included.
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