Your Happy Family Travel Expert




For over 100 years

her family has been living in the same home just outside of London. And while this charming home will always hold her heart, it was not quite enough for Catherine- she longed to see the world! She recently traveled to Vietnam and North America, and already has plans in the works to visit Colombia, Panama, Australia, and New Zealand this year.

Her unique hobby

while she was attending university was to make figurines from fondant icing! She’s made just about everything for her friends’ birthdays. Albert Einstein, Hagrid, Tigger, and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen are some of her most notable confectionary creations. Another hobby of hers is writing a certain type of poems…


are her favorite. She once wrote rhyming poems… Haikus are more fun!

My Favorite Location?

Kenwood House

My Guilty Pleasure?

Singing along every word to the Mamma Mia films

My Favorite Quote?

“[Henry VIII] had 6 wives, all called Catherine. He was a Catherine-aholic, also known as a Catholic.” -British series Cunk on Britain

My Superpower?

I can shapeshift into whomever I like- so keep your eyes peeled!