Your Happy Family Travel Expert




From the beginning

Valérie always drew, painted, and wrote. But her parents were afraid that she couldn’t live off of art, so she started to work at the airport and discovered what would become her second passion: traveling. Meeting people, trying to understand different ways of living and thinking around the world turned into a major focus.

Her life changed

when she got married and became a mother. When their son was born, it became difficult to travel. So she changed her “destination”: Paris, her hometown. She realized that the city could offer a different, low-carbon way of traveling: a trip into history and art history!

Becoming a guide

was the result of the following life experiences: a Master’s degree in Art History; knowing the painting processes; knowledge of the history of Paris; a desire to convey this knowledge to others; fascination for the open mind and curiosity of kids.

My Favorite Location?

The market at Place de la Réunion on a Sunday morning

My Guilty Pleasure?

Munster cheese

My Favorite Quote?

A woman said to Picasso, “Your paintings are like Chinese language to me, I don’t understand them.” He answered: “Madame, you can learn to speak Chinese!”

My Superpower?

I can write backwards, or mirror-image: are you looking for a new challenge?