Your Happy Family Travel Expert




A true Londoner,

Pepe was born and bred in this great city. His father is Spanish and his mother is Ukrainian and Polish, but Pepe has loved living in London his whole life because it offers so many opportunities. He explores the city with his two nephews, has stood next to Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Diana, and constantly gets to see cool new street art. What’s not to love?

His favorite thing

to do in London is see plays! He has seen over 1000 shows in the past 35 years. And he has kept the program from every show he’s ever seen. That’s a lot of programs! Before he was a guide, he worked as a stage manager in London- one of the toughest jobs in theatre!

He loves

secret codes! He has a very logical mind and a great memory for numbers. He is fascinated by codes and how they work. He enjoys learning the history of cyphers- all the way back to the hieroglyphics! This captivation has led to a natural love for treasure hunts and Sherlock Holmes cases.

My Favorite Location?

The East End

My Guilty Pleasure?

Playing Uno!

My Favorite Quote?

“If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” -Elbert Hubbard

My Superpower?

I can read minds