Your Happy Family Travel Expert




She is a mega

lover of all things food related: from the best donuts on Brick Lane, to amazing empanadas in Borough Market, to EPIC gelato in Soho. Ask her to take you to the “drunk cheese” stall! She is a true foodie who is constantly on the lookout for new great finds and is happy to share her expertise!

She’s a street art guru

who can frequently be found taking insta-ready photos of all the latest pieces around Shoreditch and Spitalfields. She is curating a small but ever-growing home collection of works by some of her favorite graffiti and mural artists, but sadly she hasn’t got quite enough cash to afford a Banksy these days!

Her performance career

before becoming a guide included several years in touring theatre and pantomime, entertaining aboard cruise ships all over the world, taking a self-penned solo cabaret up to the Edinburg Festival Fringe, and many plays and musical productions. Leo is a complete theatre junkie and can tell you where the stage doors are for every venue in town if you want the chance to meet your favorite musical star!

My Favorite Location?

Strolling along the South Bank on a sunny day

My Guilty Pleasure?

A cheeky can of Coca-Cola. Mary Poppins needs her daily spoonful of sugar!

My Favorite Quote?

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there will you find your treasure.” Paulo Coelho

My Superpower?

She can belt out almost any showtune at the drop of a hat!