Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Frédéric lived

several lives before becoming a photographer! The first was studying Management Control at the Paris Chamber of Commerce; the next was as a consultant in the IT industry. Then, in 1979, he began to study photography on his own, got his silver halide photography workshop in 1981, and only moved over to digital in 2005.

His passion?

Exploring the world. He has traveled extensively, to India, Iceland, the U.S., Indonesia, Ecuador, Colombia, Hong Kong, Cuba, and throughout Europe… so where next?

He savors

the multiple food experiences offered by these destinations and can honestly say he has tasted food and wines from all over the world. He’s a very good French cook, a title he has earned from the many appreciative overseas friends he has hosted in Paris.

My Favorite Location?

Along the Seine at sunset

My Guilty Pleasure?

A coffee and a croissant on a café terrace at sunrise

My Favorite Quote?

“Only through Art, may we get outside of ourselves; knowing what another can see of this universe which is not the same as us; and landscapes which would have remained as unknown as those that could exist on the Moon.” -Marcel Proust

My Superpower?

I cook the best Korma in Paris!