Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Florent was born

and raised in Paris, where his family has lived for many generations. He studied Law and English for five years and practiced as a legal advisor, but decided to do something that really matched with his personality. That’s when he started his life as a tour guide!

Becoming a tour guide

was very natural since he always loved to explore Paris and its surroundings, and then share what he found whether it was in a museum, in a castle, or in the streets of the city. He read once that Paris is unfathomable, and it’s true! There’s always something new to learn about this fascinating city!

As far as he remembers

he always loved history, art, archaeology, and antiques. He loves to roam the streets of flea markets to collect antiques! His true passion is making history come alive and sharing it with his guests, and the children in particular, because their curiosity knows no bounds!

My Favorite Location?

The Luxembourg gardens and the Latin Quarter, where I can find the best bookstores!

My Guilty Pleasure?


My Favorite Quote?

“Impossible is not French!” -Napoleon I

My Superpower?

I can make old stones speak!