Your Happy Family Travel Expert




She is a Londoner

Who trained in acting and directing before finding her vocation in guiding. She loves to share the stories written into the streets of London and follow in the footsteps of long-gone feet. She enjoys it so much she even teaches guiding! One of her favorite London spots is now her local pool, the Olympic Aquatics Centre. She adores its fabulous architecture.


Is where she spent some time as a child, and it has left her with a longing for the dunes and the smell of hot, dusty bread. She has an eye for quirky details, an appreciation for the absurd, and delights in photographs that catch the light.

She speaks a smattering

of words in various languages in addition to her native English. She learned some of them through singing with her choir! Recent ones have included songs in Welsh, Russian, Sesotho, and Xhosa.

My Favorite Location?

The tiger painted at the end of my street.

My Guilty Pleasure?

Spending a whole day reading a book, from cover to cover

My Favorite Quote?

“London is not a pleasant place, it is not agreeable or charming or easy, it is only magnificent.” -Henry James

My Superpower?

I can juggle!