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Is the beautiful county in the North of England where Dave grew up, but London is where he now calls home. He attended the University in Liverpool, home of the Beatles and the mighty Liverpool FC, where he studied American Studies. He also spent a year at the University of Rhode Island.

As a qualified fitness trainer

he moved out to Australia to work at the Sydney Olympics. Whilst there, he ran the rehearsal marathon course, one of 22 he has completed, along with New York, Paris and London. Though into fitness, he also loves food! Eating out is like his oxygen, and he is constantly looking for new restaurants or food markets. Fortunately, London has no shortage!

He is an avid quizzer

and played in the London Quiz League for 4 years and has appeared on many TV quiz shows. Having been a tour guide for over ten years now allows him to combine his thirst for knowledge with an occupation that keeps him active.

My Favorite Location?

The view of London from the Observatory at Greenwich Park

My Guilty Pleasure?

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, straight out of the fridge

My Favorite Quote?

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” -Orson Welles

My Superpower?

I am a pub quiz ninja!