Your Happy Family Travel Expert




At a young age,

Cindy started to cultivate her passion for history and adventure- two vital qualities if you want to become a tour guide. If you like challenges and daily novelties, being a guide in Paris is the ideal. Cindy never knows boredom!

Don't be surprised

if Cindy asks you for your astrological sign. She’s intrigued by everything around esotericism. Generally speaking, she is interested in mythologies and legends, a fondness coming from her childhood spent dreaming she could be Lara Croft searching for a hidden treasure.

Working with children

is a pure happiness! For her, they are the best audience. She loves to interact with them and to act like a true Mary Poppins! But don’t worry if you’re no longer a child, she knows how to share her knowledge with passion. It’s hard to resist to her contagious smile.

My Favorite Location?

Les Halles (a former central Paris market). It’s a very folksy district that sticks well on my personality.

My Guilty Pleasure?

I do not grow tired of chocolate, either to drink or to eat. Not to mention ginger chocolate!

My Favorite Quote?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

My Superpower?

I’m a fortune-teller, like my aunt and grandma used to be.