Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Born and raised

in Bordeaux among the vineyards, it goes without saying that wine runs in Charlotte’s veins! After extensive travel in the U.S., she fell in love with San Francisco, but relocated to Paris…falling in love again! Paris is hard to resist- so she stayed!

She is passionate

about street art and never sets a foot outside without looking for pieces left on the city walls. Thus, she specializes particularly in the history and street art.

Beyond the basics

Charlotte loves the hidden faces of Paris: places people have forgotten or that people don’t usually look at. Don’t leave your door open or Charlotte will take a peek. She will give you the opportunity to experience Paris as Parisians do: see secret spots, notice the details tourists miss… And of course, have a glass of good wine!

My Favorite Location?

The banks of the Seine and the canals

My Guilty Pleasure?

A cookie from my favorite pastry shop, les Petits Mitrons in Montmartre

My Favorite Quote?

“Being Parisian, it is not to have been born in Paris, it’s to be reborn here.” -Sacha Guitry

My Superpower?

With my bionic elbow, I could outshine Steve Austin!