Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Ariane completed

five years of Art History at university. She has worked as a volunteer at Gent Cathedral, Belgium, lecturing on Van Eyck’s Mystic Lamb Polyptych. Then, in Rome, she tirelessly tracked down all the Caravaggio paintings in the city! Ariane has been a tour guide for seven years now, and she’s certainly not running out of steam.

What's fascinating

is hearing her speak about places she likes, about history, and about how it influences society today. Helping visitors understand a culture is probably the greatest challenge in her job.

But no more difficult

than facing rocks several meters high. Yes, Ariane also does rock climbing, indoors or outdoors in Fontainebleau Forest. Both arty and sporty? Could she be perfect? “No!” she would say, because nothing on earth is perfect. But, she might just be perfect for you.

My Favorite Location?

Paris as a whole, no question!

My Guilty Pleasure?

Smoking on a balcony while watching the sunset.

My Favorite Quote?

She doesn’t have one!

My Superpower?

I’m equally at ease climbing walls as I am singing opera.