Your Happy Family Travel Expert




She loves

History! She love learning about the past and exploring historic sites and museums, so much so that she decided to study history at university and spent her early career working in heritage. Whether it’s a Roman soldier asking for another pair of socks or the tale of how the Crown Jewels nearly got nicked, history is full of surprising and endlessly fascinating stories.

Family day trips to London

were a special treat as a kid, and it never lost that sense of excitement and wonder for her. She believes there’s something magical about wandering London’s streets and stumbling upon a hidden gem or visiting your favorite gallery and learning something new.

She has the best of both worlds

because she doesn’t actually live in London, but in Kent, in the countryside outside of the city. She lives there with her husband, cat, and collection of cacti. She loves having the best of both worlds: the colorful, vibrant hustle and bustle of London and the wide-open country spaces.

My Favorite Location?

Waterloo bridge- the view is second to none and it was built largely by women!

My Guilty Pleasure?

Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason

My Favorite Quote?

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.” -Jane Austen

My Superpower?

I can touch my nose, chin and cheek with my tongue (though I should add, not all at the same time!)