Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Born in Chicago

and raised in France, Sean grew up with both cultures. He spent his childhood in a little town near Paris called Senlis, full of ancient Roman and medieval ruins, which really sparked his interest in history. At school, he was regularly called “Jean” because the French just couldn’t pronounce his name correctly!

He studied in a film school

and worked on movie sets as an assistant director and in costumes for period films, mixing both his passions for history and cinema. Then he left this first career to become a tour guide.

Theatre is his other passion

and he is part of an English-speaking theatre troupe. As you can imagine, touring with him means a very lively tour, full of anecdotes, as Sean is an amazing storyteller! Going back to the States? Not likely. Sean just couldn’t live without his baguette, red wine, and cheese!

My Favorite Location?

Shakespeare and Company bookstore

My Guilty Pleasure?

A slice of brie with truffles, from the cheese store “La Fermette”

My Favorite Quote?

“The wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.” -Oscar Wilde on his deathbed, in a cheap hotel room on the left bank

My Superpower?

I can tell you if a restaurant is good just by looking at it from the outside