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A professional portrait painter

whose work hangs in places such as the US Embassy, the Legion of Honor Museum, and several Loire Valley Chateaux, Kate has a Master’s degree in Art History and a Certificate in Theology. Originally from the U.K., she is married to a French historian and has dual French/British nationality.

A copy artist at Le Louvre,

is how Kate spent her three years of art studies. She learned the secrets of 16th-17th century oil painting techniques. It is from this particular viewpoint that she loves to transmit the fabulous story of the history of art.

An artwork is worth a thousand words

and kids understand this. As a mother, Kate is passionate about developing children’s interest in art. There are so many magical and mysterious tales to tell that it is a joy to see families engage in the exhibits together and leave with rich and rewarding shared memories.

My Favorite Location?

Jardins du Palais Royal

My Guilty Pleasure?

Mont Blanc from Angelina

My Favorite Quote?

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso

My Superpower?

A realistic life sketch in 20 minutes