Your Happy Family Travel Expert




A proper Londoner,

Joel is all up for the pomp, ceremony, and crumpets with a crooked pinkie and also revels in the fact that London never rests on its laurels. It is a dynamic city of street art, off-the-beaten-path events, and foodie destinations, where the culture always moves forward.

He plays football

also speaks several languages, has flirted with the stage, and cooks! Which is to say that he is active and plugged into the worlds of theatre, restaurants, and sports, and while he adores all the English peculiarities and eccentricities, he equally appreciates the rich variety of life offered by London’s international communities, especially all its food!

He loves being a dad

to an incurably curious young lass! Bringing her up in London is a treat. With its cornucopia of cultural opportunities, parenting in London is a breeze. When he is not out guiding professionally, he is showing his daughter around town, introducing her to its compelling history, amazing places and people from Henry the Eighth to Harry Potter!

My Favorite Location?

The Millennium Wobbly Bridge

My Guilty Pleasure?

Hot chocolate from Dark Sugars on Brick Lane

My Favorite Quote?

“In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.” -Paddington Bear

My Superpower?

Swing dancing at high speed