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His hometown

is the lovely London, and he has lived in three of its four corners: north (where he’s from), south (where he lives now) and east…so, only west London to go! Dominic enjoys trying out new and fun things in the city from go karting and trampoline parks, to playing darts! Seeking out new places to eat is a popular pastime, especially if it involves cakes and/or puddings (in the UK, pudding is another way of saying dessert).

A fan of Marvel

comic book characters from a young age, it has been a pleasure for Dominic to see his home city featured in some of the recent Marvel movies. Ask him to show you the iconic London bridge where Spiderman fights one of his foes or the maritime area of London where Thor battles the dark elves.

Despite being a city boy,

Dominic enjoys taking time to unwind and escaping the hustle and bustle. He loves the outdoors and can often be found exploring the country and rambling in one of the UK’s national parks or areas of outstanding natural beauty, or simply going for a run in his local park. He’s also recently taken up Tai Chi, which he’s finding is not as easy as it looks.

My Favorite Location?

Anywhere by the River Thames

My Guilty Pleasure?

Almond croissants from Comptoir Gourmand

My Favorite Quote?

“The most important thing in life is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.’” Charles Dickens

My Superpower?

I have the ability to be in the eastern and western hemispheres at the same time!