Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Time traveling

and storytelling are his favorite activities. He returns from his journeys brimming with mysteries to share and adventures that inspire. With eager and able assistants, he hunts for clues and solves puzzles. He is also a master of disguise; you wouldn’t believe he is just 28 years old!

As a service

to the community, Alex has taken it upon himself to stop at every ice-cream truck in London and buy a 99-Flake, just so that he can give a personal report whenever required. He also loves London’s rivers. He grew up by the Thames and knows its moods and hears its song. You may hear him singing back!

His heroes

include Mahatma Gandhi, Greta Thunberg, Winston Churchill, and goddess Athena. He can introduce them to you in London and begin long, rewarding relationships. They don’t all agree on everything, but they all have interesting things to say to us.

My Favorite Location?

The River Thames

My Guilty Pleasure?

‘99-Flake’ ice creams from London’s many ice-cream trucks

My Favorite Quote?

“Don’t bring me problems…bring me solutions!” -Margaret Thatcher

My Superpower?

Time traveling, of course!