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Our Mary Poppins Team

Our “Mary Poppins” Team are not simply tour guides. They are local, kid-friendly experts who are here to welcome you to their hometown. At Meet the Locals for Families, we know that the best way to navigate a new town with your family is to have a guide who knows how to make your kids and teens happy! That’s why we hand select the most talented storytellers our destinations have to offer. We strive to find guides who know how to engage the whole family, whatever their ages!

Being a “Mary Poppins” Guide is not just about wearing a dress and owning a cool umbrella- it’s a state of mind! That’s why our team of guides are both men and women, and from every walk of life. What they all have in common: they have a cheery disposition, are amazing storytellers, are kind and witty, and never smell of barley water!

Our “Mary Poppins” Team are specialists on their cities. They are passionate guides who know everything there is to know on culture, food, history, and so much more. Not only are they connoisseurs, but they want nothing more than to share their knowledge and love for their city with others like no guidebook can!

All of our “Mary Poppins” Team is carefully chosen. We meet and interview them to ensure they fulfill our strict criteria, to guarantee both the safety and amusement of your family. Then they follow our special training so that they know our tours and games backward and forward. By the end, they are on par even with Mary Poppins! They might not be able to literally jump in to chalk paintings, but they know how to transport you to another world (and even have rosy cheeks!)

Above all else, we believe that your vacation should be hassle-free, educational, and fun!  No one knows how to achieve this better than our kid-friendly guides. At Meet the Locals, we treat your family like our own. Welcome!

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