Treasure Hunt in the Covered Passages of Paris – Family Tour



Treasure Hunt in the Covered Passages of Paris – Family Tour


Treasure Hunt in the Covered Passages of Paris – Family Tour

Why you shouldn't miss it ?

Discover in family one of Paris’s hidden gems: the covered passages!

Enthrall your children with a treasure hunt led by a kid-expert in this fascinating part of Paris

Learn about the history and formation of the passages and the boutiques that they house

Finish with a secret treasure and a hot drink in a typical French café

In a nutshell

2.5 hours



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What’s Included:

A family-friendly guide for 2 hours and half / A treasure hunt kit, a yummy treasure, and a complimentary drink


Palais-Royal / Passage des Deux-Pavillons / Galerie Colbert / Galerie Vivienne / Passage des Panoramas / Passage Jouffroy/ Passage Verdeau

Your Welcomer needs your help! Your kid expert wanted to bring you a Parisian treat, but lost it in the labyrinth that is the Covered Passages. However, we know that with the help of your little sleuths, they can solve the treasure hunt and retrieve the treat! The Seven Covered Passages present this mystery treasure hunt to your youngsters: follow the clue in each envelope to gain a magical number. Each magical number will unlock the next clue. Your Welcomer will be your side the entire way to drop hints when necessary and to inform you about the rich history that every passage conceals.

This treasure hunt is adapted for any and all ages, with the final puzzles based on the ages and levels of your children. This kids treasure hunt will also give you the opportunity to discover the extravagance and elegance of these Parisian hidden gems, as they still house tearooms, restaurants, and boutiques.

Firstly, what are the covered passages? Archways appeared in Paris at the end of the 18th century and mostly during the 19th. Built like Arabian souks (traditional marketplaces) with skylights as roofs, they allowed people to do shopping sheltered from the rain, in a place gathering different types of businesses. It was the new public place to be.

First visit the covered walkways at the gorgeous Palais Royal. This former royal palace has hosted many names, and still hosts many mysteries…

Next, head to the Passages des Deux-Pavillons, but beware! The smallest of passages could hold the biggest of secrets!

Try your luck at the so-called ‘twin passages’ of Galerie Colbert and Galerie Vivienne. These may be the most luxurious of the covered passages, but your little ones will have to look past its vogue décor to find all the clues!

Your little sleuths will step back in time when they step into the Passage des Panoramas. Built in 1799, there is much history (and many hints!) to discover.

Travel through time again and enter the Passage Jouffroy; though built in the late 19th century, this passage was renovated in the 1980s; marvel at the juxtaposition of the centuries-old wooden décor and the modern glass and metal structures as you scope out your next clue.

Finally, search in the well-hidden Passage Verdeau for your last clue. Clandestinely located, this is the perfect passage for the final clue. Be quick, before your treasure is lost forever!

If you have younger investigators, gathering all of the magical numbers will unlock the location! Hooray! For your older detectives, there will be a final puzzle to complete with all the numbers you’ve gathered to unlock the hidden destination of the treasure.

With the location uncovered, your mission is almost complete! You have unlocked your final destination; go to the shop indicated by your Welcomer and retrieve your well-deserved treasure! You have defeated the Mystery of the Seven Covered Passages!

Now that you have completed this, it is time to sit back and relax with a warm drink and your Welcomer. Take this time to reflect on your treasure hunt or ask your Local about other secrets the city may hold.

And if you’re here during Christmas, have a look at our Christmas treasure hunt at the covered passages of Paris!

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My children’s ages are very different; is this tour suitable for both little kids and teenagers?

Absolutely. Our treasure hunt is adaptable to different ages, and your Welcomer is highly skilled in making this tour fun for kids (and parents!) of any age.

Does this tour involve a lot of walking?

There is a bit of walking, but in a rather flat region of Paris, and the passages are all located close to one another.

What if it rains or snows?

Keep calm and carry on! Luckily, the passages are covered for this precise reason, so our treasure hunt will continue as planned.

What if we have more than 6 people in our party?

Just advise us in your request form about the number of people in your party, as well as their category (adult or child), so we’ll be able to tell you about the extra fee per additional person.

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What if we have more than 6 people?? Or we want to customize our trip?? Oh no! Just kidding, no problem is too big for us! 
Leave us a message on our contact page, and a member of our superhero team will work some magic to make your dreams come true!

Starting point
Place Colette, In front of the Comédie Française, by the Palais-Royal-Musee-du-Louvre metro exit (lines 1 and 7)
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