Your Happy Family Travel Expert

Your Happy Family Travel Expert




Since his youngest age

history has been a passion for Sébastien. He grew up in Normandy, the D-Day cradle; it was like living in a history book! However, Sébastien has been a genuine Parisian for over thirty years and is able to answer any question about historical events that have occurred in Paris.

His family tradition

is also to “blame.” It’s impossible to remain indifferent to history with grandparents who played a very active role in the Resistance scrublands, as liaison officers or spies. If you insist, Seb will even gladly tell you the story of his great-great-uncle’s incredible fate in the 1914-18 conflict.

His passion for the past

was demonstrated as a professor, then as a specialized guide on both World Wars’ grounds. Moreover, Seb dedicates his leisure time to historical reenactments of the Celtic and medieval periods. So, don’t be surprised if he comes to you with a sword held with both hands!

My Favorite Location?

The Latin Quarter and Cité Island

My Guilty Pleasure?

Almost everything! Don’t forget: I’m French.

My Favorite Quote?

“If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.” -Frank Herbert, Dune

My Superpower?

I know how to handle a two-handed sword.