Your Happy Family Travel Expert

Your Happy Family Travel Expert





is where Roseane was born and raised. When asked what brought her to Paris, she shouted, “love!” Well that was over 30 years ago, and she still hasn’t left! She loves living in the City of Lights, but admits that winters there are a bit colder than in Brazil.


has only been her career for a few years. Though she always wanted to become one, the timing was never quite right while she was raising her children, so she worked as a translator and in various office jobs. Now that her kids are out of the nest pursuing their dreams, she can pursue her dream career too!

She can't stop

singing! She sings all day, whether there is a willing audience, an unwilling one, or no one at all. Music is in her bones, and if you’re lucky, she’ll share some of it with you too!

My Favorite Location?

The Butte-aux-Cailles neighborhood

My Guilty Pleasure?


My Favorite Quote?

“To be Parisian is not to be born in Paris, but to be reborn.” -Sacha Guitry

My Superpower?

I can turn anything into a song!