Your Happy Family Travel Expert

Your Happy Family Travel Expert




He leads a double life

as a guide and a film director! Ever since Romain received a camcorder when he was 15 years old, he has been a self-proclaimed film director. While he started with short home videos, he is now on his way to becoming a professional director!

His life onstage

started when he was 7 years old, starring as Mowgli in The Jungle Book! But his knack for entertainment does not end when he is offstage. Romain is a lively character who brings his theatrical talents to both sides of his life, making tours with him engaging and amusing, so forget about your worries and your strife when you’re with him!

A true Parisian,

Romain lives in Montmartre. It doesn’t get much realer than him! Not only will he tell you all about his hometown, but he might even sing to you about it! He simply cannot stop singing. He knows as many songs as there are streets in Paris, and trust us, that’s a lot!

My Favorite Location?

Nothing beats the view from Montmartre!

My Guilty Pleasure?


My Favorite Quote?

“Everything has already been done, except by me.” -Me

My Superpower?

I can move things with my mind! But only by a few millimeters…