A true Parisian,

Guillaume was born and raised in the Montmartre neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from Sacre-Cœur. But he moved to London for 3 years to pursue his career. However, as with so many, he moved back to Paris for love. Now he gets to introduce families to his hometown – he loves making kids laugh!

His other love

is film! Guillaume has training in cinema and art history, and has been working as a writer and assistant director for several years, both in London and in Paris. If he’s not busy guiding, he is directing and writing! Ask him about his latest projects to be the first to know what’s coming to the big screen soon!

He is an expert

of film history. Seriously. Only start asking questions if you want to spend your whole day discussing the art of film! From Woody Allen to Jean Renoir to Akira Kurosawa, he could spend ages discussing his favorite directors. But he is not just a forever-student of film; Guillaume is becoming a language connoisseur. He speaks French, English, German, Italian, and Japanese!

My Favorite Location?

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges

My Guilty Pleasure?

Ramen and chocolate croissants (but not at the same time)

My Favorite Quote?

“I tried impressionism but it didn’t work for me.” -Rembrandt

My Superpower?

I can be invisible (but only when no one is looking)
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