For Camille

passion for art is almost a miracle. She had almost never laid a foot in a museum before entering the prestigious Ecole du Louvre at age 18. Fascinated by ancient Egypt, she decided to follow her mom’s advice and study history. It changed her life and widened her vision of the world. Moral of the story: always listen to your mother!

She fell in love

with French history and heritage. Learning about the characters from the past, and the society they lived in, became a true passion. What was life like in the Middle Ages? Why were the Impressionists considered revolutionary? Many questions she’s now so happy to answer!


quickly appeared as a real dream job! Back home, Camille loves to create things with her hands such as embroidering, customizing her furniture, creating jewelry, and maybe knitting next!

My Favorite Location?

The Louvre, of course – my second home!

My Guilty Pleasure?

My mother’s recipe of rabbit with cream and olives.

My Favorite Quote?

“In front of the Louvre Museum, an agent was yelling: Move along! There is nothing to see here!” – Yvan Audouard

My Superpower?

I’m able to decipher hieroglyphics!
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