The 10 most romantic spots in Paris for a kiss

Are you coming to Paris with a loved one and looking for some romantic spots to visit? Or perhaps you have met a someone special on your trip and you want to maximize your one on one time with them before you leave? Paris is the City of Love and for good reason.

Are you coming to Paris with a loved one and looking for some romantic spots to visit? Or perhaps you have met a someone special on your trip and you want to maximize your one on one time with them before you leave? Paris is the City of Love and for good reason.

The cobble stone streets, the gray slate buildings, the soft rain, the sexually liberated people, the gentle flow of the Seine, the wine, the chocolate… Paris continues to be one of the most romantic cities around. It remains one of the top European honeymoon destinations, and despite all the hefty paperwork, it is a popular wedding destination as well.

Known as the City of Love for decades, we may owe our modern day fantasy about the city of love to legendary photographer Robert Doisneau, whose iconic image, The Kiss at the Hotel de Ville, (1950), captures a couple in mid stride as they lean in for a passionate kiss, the busy street around them a blur. For Americans, if not the world over, this image reveals the essence of Paris and the ideal romantic kiss. And for good reason. It is gorgeous!

Strolling along the Seine, snuggled up close on the terrace at a café, picnicking in one of the beautiful Parisian parks, or gazing at the beautiful Rodin sculpture, there is plenty here to get your groove on. Here are ten more preferred spots where you can steal a kiss or two…

Pont Neuf bridge


Wander along the Seine down below the Pont Neuf bridge. It is one of the most picturesque places in Paris, where the stone walkways lined with a variety of plants and trees, including some lovely and romantic, weeping willows. Walk along the edges of the embankment out to where the river splits in two around the Ile de la Cité and the Ile Saint Louis, it is as if you are in another world.

Bring a blanket and a box of chocolates, enjoy the slower pace of the cruising river boats and the groups of friends and loved ones out enjoying a moment of calm. It is peaceful and simply beautiful.

Pont Saint Louis


The Pont Saint Louis is a small bridge that connects the two small islands of Ile de la Cite et Ile Saint Louis. There is usually a fun atmosphere of street performers and tourists snapping photos, but why, you may ask, would this be an ideal spot for a kiss?

Because standing there between these two beautiful islands offers one of those giddy moments of excitement of being on an adventure, about being a traveler. The quietness of the Ile Saint Louis beckons, a perfect view of Notre Dame behind, there are no cars to contend with, and the views all around of the river and the classic Parisian architecture just cannot be beat. It offers a space to pause and snuggle with a loved one and lean in for a sweet kiss.

At the bar of Hotel Particulier, Montmarte


What is it about a hotel bar? Maybe it is the temptation of the rooms just upstairs, but a good hotel bar just gives off sexy vibes and encourages a good make out session. There are surely a good many hotel bars in Paris to choose from, but the Hotel Particulier, located in a 19th century townhouse off a quiet street in Montmartre, has to be one of the best in town.

This beautiful hotel bar which in the back of the hotel adjacent to the lush gardens designed by the same landscape designer as the Tuileries, is very discreet and very romantic and absolutely worth a visit. The décor is sumptuous and sexy with a bit of a jungle twist.

Black and white tiled floors, red velvet chairs, a glass mosaic bar and plants hanging from every corner. There are also tables and chairs in the garden for warmer nights. The glass reflected indoor bar serves a delicious cocktail to boot.

On the banks of Canal St. Martin


Though on a warm summer evening you may be joined by scores of Parisian families and hipsters, (they really won’t care), sneaking a kiss or two along the Canal St. Martin is a thrill.

Bring a bottle of wine and take out some food at one of the dozens of fabulous restaurants in the neighborhood, and make it a romantic evening, lazing about as the sun sets and the twinkling lampposts alight.  This is a side of Paris that is full of energy and the narrow bridges that line the canal and the large, leafy trees offer an ideal romantic spot.

The Place Vendome and the Ritz Hotel


The Hemingway Bar in the Ritz Hotel has a long history of drunken evenings, torrid affairs and artistic inspiration. Since the early 1900s, artists and legends from Cole Porter to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Coco Chanel to the main man himself, Ernest Hemingway, have wiled away their evenings here, sipping the famous cocktails.

The hotel is located in the Place Vendome, one of the most regal, if not slightly imposing plazas in Paris. Yet there is something otherworldly about the Place Vendome, a sense of true elegance and power, with its soaring central column.

Visit the luxury jewelry stores that line the storefronts here, maybe try on a ring or two if you dare, then make your way for the Hemingway Bar for a celebratory cocktail and kiss. You are in love and toasts are in order.



A kiss is required at the “I Love You” mural located in the Square des Abbesses in Montmartre. The wall is covered in blue ceramic tiles with the words I love you written in dozens of languages. Take a moment to remember that love really is universal, and share a passionate kiss to celebrate that.

Then, walk up to the Montmartre Museum, a tiny museum located on the top of the hill that usually offers special exhibitions about the artists like Picasso and Juan Gris who lived in the area in the early 20th century. But it is the Renoir Gardens in the back where you need to visit for a kiss.

The terraced gardens are stunning from springtime through early fall, with gorgeous flowers, trees and café tables and chairs to sit on and be romantic. Walk all the way down to the end where you can look out over the famous Montmartre vineyards. It feels like another century here.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery


Steal a kiss at the tomb of Oscar Wilde. Though it might seem a bit macabre to suggest a cemetery for a kiss, walking hand-in-hand along the crumbling stone paths and well tended gardens of the Pere Lachaise Cemetery is truly a very Romantic moment, in the original 19th century way.

Hundreds of famous artists are buried here from Frederic Chopin to Edith Piaf to Jim Morrison, but none are as well kissed as that of the novelist Oscar Wilde. Sometime in the mid 1990s people started leaving lipstick stained kiss marks along his tomb, turning into such a problem that a Plexiglas case was required to protect it, yet that did nothing to stop admirers.

The Jardin du Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Gardens can be one of the most romantic gardens in Paris and a lovely place to come and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

Find a quiet bench hidden among the trees and watch the passersby, as you take in the views of the magical gardens and the exquisite sculptures that line these elegant gardens. It is as if time had stopped as you and your loved one were the only left on earth.

Square des Batignolles


The Allée Barbara in the Square des Batignolles is bit off the beaten path but can make for a fun little excursion. Located in the 17th arrondissement, in the area called Batignolles, the park was designed in the 19th century and it slightly resembles a miniature version of the Park Monceau.

The Allée Barbara is a small path in the middle of the park that winds up and over the water, where a small waterfall shoots out of the small grotto below. It is a discreet little corner of the park that, if not too busy, is a perfect little place for a kiss or two.

Pont Alexandre 3


Standing on the Pont Alexandre III, a majestic 19th century bridge that sweeps over the Seine from the sumptuous Grand Palais to Imperial Invalides, one cannot help but to feel a bit breathless at all the beauty around.

This is one of the most impressive bridges in all of Paris, one of the largest and certainly one of the most decorated, covered in bronze, gilt and stone statutes of Greek gods and goddesses as well as Pegasus, the winged horse who is perched atop the large stone columns at both entrances.  It’s a bit of a bacchanal for a bridge so let the spirit wash over you and grab your loved one up close for a long embrace.

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